a birthday weekend


I can't believe Oliver is 3.  I think I said this last year.  For some reason Chris and I were a little emotional about it - whereas last year it was more fun.  I think we realize with the birth of Wyatt how quickly it all goes.  With Oliver - I had a harder time of it.  Things that were hard seemed like they would never end.  I didn't know how long the crying would last or how long he would have acid reflux for.  With Wyatt, things happen in the blink of an eye.  Maybe it is because as a second time mom you realize that things change so quickly - the teeth will eventually break through and he won't be so fussy or on the other end of the spectrum - his monumental firsts like sitting up or crawling are quickly surpassed by something else.
Likewise this age with Oliver is at once the most fun yet, and then the worst when he is having a tantrum!

My oldest friend was also in town with her two slightly older boys.  I have known her since I was 13!  And yet here we are all these years later with 2 crazy boys each.

on birthdays..


This weekend marks Ollie's 3rd birthday (gulp).  We have kind of gone back and forth on what to do, especially since family may or may not be coming.  In the end I think we will opt out of having a "party" per se and just do cake and ice cream with whoever shows up.  We figure he will have plenty of years of actually asking for this or that kind of birthday party in the future and want to hold on to the innocence of home made cake and funny streamers while we can.  Last year we went to the zoo and that was perfect.

The endless ideas for beautiful, thoughtful, well designed birthdays I see on blogs is at once fascinating to look at and overwhelming.  It kind of provokes a knee-jerk reaction, quite honestly, to just really go back to basics when it comes to this. And the weird part is - I love that stuff.
To those mama's out there - what do you think?  What have you done when it comes to 3 year old's birthday parties? 
I am thinking about making this or this.  Anyone love making cakes and have a good recipe?  Please share!
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Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there!  How was your spent?

We have had beautiful weather here in Charleston, I am still amazed at the easy transition it has been from the "perfect" weather of San Diego to our new home.  I anxiously await the onslaught of humidity and heat after such an awesome winter.  This weekend reminded me of aug/sept in San Diego.  Very low humidy and high in the mid-80's.  Perfect for Dads!  Chris woke up and surfed for a few hours both days and then we would journey back out to the beach as a family after naps and when the sun was a little more forgiving for Wyatt.   Yesterday we ventured over to Sullivan's Island just to go to a different beach - it was a nice, quiet relaxing weekend - how was it where you were?

And lastly, a big warm congrats goes out to my friend Emilia from Sweet Emila Jane.  She welcomed her first sweet baby,  Eleanor into the world yesterday!  Yaahooey!

image via beach bonfire

hard lessons


Some times it's hard to let go of that ball, and give in whilst on the slip n slide.  But it is something we all must learn.  ;)  Here's to those hard lessons that make us better.

Wyatt 6 months


Some things about Wyatt at 6 months:

~he is still a ham - I think he always will be
~he rolls from front to back, back to front and holds his head up like a champ
~he is starting to fall into a regular nap routine
~he laughs when you tickle him
~he love his baths and loves to kick his legs and splash
~he reaches for everything
~he is a trooper and still nurses - even though it has been a problem since month 2.  But he also just started eating some cereal and drinks some formula.  We are making it work.
~he cries when I leave the room (heart melting) and lights up when he sees his brother.
~he has 2 bottom teeth that are sharper then all of the knives we own.  Chris calls him his little can opener  :)



Things have been weird and almost distorted around here.  I am near whisper as I am very horse from this sickness that is still hanging around.  It rained several days in a row, which is not good for an almost 3 yeard old little boy named Ollie.  He was climbing the walls!  Also, I thought that since we can now see Wyatt's two bottom teeth, he would have a break from teething, but it doesn't appear that way.  There is another tooth, somewhere in there, trying to get out!  I even had a lady at the store look at him and tell me to tie a shark steak around his neck and let it hang down his back; or to bury black eyed peas under the steps (file under ewww, or Reasons I Love Living Back in the South)
This mama is worn out!
Here are some iphone photos from the past few weeks.

cool space


I always love when I happen upon something cool and unexpected in my new (old) town.  I love when there is a fresh perspective in what is still a mostly traditional town.  So you can understand my excitement when I came across this little graphic design studio downtown.  Fuzzco has worked on many national and local campaigns and from the looks of their work, it is always cool and right on target.
In a town steeped in history with a deep devotion to historical preservation, it is fun to see something modern, clean and not-so-serious.

PS - the owners (a married couple) house was featured in Dwell.  Equally as cool!  Check it out here

roughing it


oh man you guys.
It has been one of those days, which turned into week(s).  Between Wyatt teething, waking up again at night, and me getting sick it's been cray cray up in here.
I promise to be back next week in and in better spirits.  :)
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