When you were younger, did you ever look at someone older (like in their 30's ha!) and think - they are still wearing what was cool during their high school/college years?  Like after that point in time they stopped paying attention, or just forgot to update their look?  I remember in the later 80's I babysat for this good looking young couple and I remember thinking wow they were wearing bell bottoms!  yikes!  (note: You have to know that some awful tapered acid washed jean was probably what most people were wearing!)  And I remember thinking that must have been the last time they were hip - pre kids.
So you see where my dilemma is coming in.  Do you ever realize this is happening to you?  Do you know and just not care?  Is it after kids?  What if it is this.very.moment???  ;)
I started thinking about this after looking at some tutorials on how to apply a cat eye with your liquid eyeliner.  Now, I remember starting to wear winged eyeliner back at my reef days.  That was a few years ago people, and definitely pre-babies.  Is it still cool?  I can't be out on the street rocking winged liner when all the kids are doing the opposite!!  Check out the tutorial below featured on hello giggles and let me know your thoughts...

images via hello giggles



For those of us that traveled West after college and still felt the painful reality of a "rent check" (that costs how much per month?!), I can only imagine what those of you who live in NYC feel every first of the month - cue Bone Thugs N Harmony. 
And what could possibly make that worse?  Seeing the awesome places our favorite TV characters live in.  I first saw this written about on Refinery 29, and the Vanity Fair article is a great read.
In reality, most of them - such as Rachel and Monica or Carrie - couldn't afford these apartments according Real Estate expert Barbara Corcoran.  I know, I know, shocker.  It gets interesting though, when you realize what the actual price would be, and really how far out of reach it is.

images via VF

summer dinners


Now that the weather seems to be warming up across the country, are you dreaming of what you want to do this summer?  I know that the next few months will include later bedtimes, Popsicles, and stops for veggie dogs and fries on the way back from the beach.  When I saw these cute fish plates by vietri, I immediately wanted to plan a dinner on our back porch as well. 

all images via plum pudding

as if the monthly photos were not enough...


...I am lucky enough to be friends with a very talented photographer, Aimee of captured by aimee, whom I have talked about many times before.
Last month we made a weekend trip down to FL to see Chris' family and see aimee and dorian since they were in town from San Diego.  Aimee was in the mood for an impromtu photo shoot, and I get to reap the benefits!  Here is just a sneak, but to see some more, check out her blog.

this is one of my favorites..all the little baby parts you don't want to forget!



image via the joy of nesting

soooo, we did a little spring cleaning around here.  I hope you like it!  I sure do.  I can't say enough about Ana from blog milk.  Seriously.  If you need anything she should be your go-to!

What are your plans for the weekend?  We have been having some beautiful weather here and after a really hectic week with the little ones, I am looking forward to having Chris around!  Hopefully we can squeeze some beach time in.  Have a wonderful weekend...



We had a great Easter.  Some failed attempts, but successes too!  Would you like to see?

Tangerine Tango


By Now, you've all heard about the color of the year...tangerine tango

Do you like it?  Will you try to incorporate it into your style?  If so, how?  Nail polish?  wardrobe pieces?  Makeup? 
For me, I am dying for this skirt.  The knife pleats going down the center could be a little tricky though, as they might accidentally give the illusion of wider hips (which is not something I want!).

image via chictopia

Happy Easter!



I am sure everyone is sick of all of the crafty and creative Easter decorations etc., I know I am.  Because why break tradition?  What's wrong with throwing some eggs in the Paas kit?  Well, not throwing, more like nudging around with a spoon or that weird thing that comes in the kit that looks like it was cut from a piece of chicken coop wiring.  I will tell you why you should break tradition:

all images via oh what fun

These adorable eggs were painted by ashley from oh what fun.  I know these images have been circulating but they were too cute not to share.  There are sooo many ideas out there, but this didn't look too complicated.  How are you dying your Easter eggs?  Will you have a hunt?

a classic revisited


Last week a new LLBean catalog arrived and I was immediately drawn to the cover.  At closer inspection it was revealed that they had recreated one of their covers from 1956, in honor of their 100th anniversary.
I loved this idea and love peering into the past through such an exact reference point!
Here's the original:

and here's the recreated cover:

To watch how they recreated it, go here
On another note, isn't interesting that the man in the original cover looks a lot like Robert Mitchum (to me).  He must have been the example of a manly man! ;)
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