Wyatt 3 Months


Well hello there {Wyatt is waving to you ;) hee hee}! 

Some things about Wyatt at 3 months:
~His interaction with us grows more and more all the time.  I am expecting him to start asking me about my day when I pick him up (that's a joke people).
~He is losing his hair
~He still laughs in his sleep!!
~He still eats like crazy; and actually this has just calmed down in the last 2 days.  I really thought I would not be able to nurse much longer.  But, much like these things do, right when you are really at your wits end, things change ;)
~He discovered his hands and has just in the last few days even started reaching out for me - I think.

THANK YOU SO MUCH julia!  Your a pal and I owe a ya one!



It what felt ho-hum (there ceremony and fashion alike) it was hard to feel really strongly about any of the dresses.  I don't think I hated any of them.  But then all of the sudden I saw Milla Jovovich.  wow.  See Milla's dress below as well as some others I liked.

so pretty

I know this looks like one Nicole Kidman wore, but I still like it!

Took me a minute, but I do like it!

Had to include Kristen bc I love her so much and I haven't even liked anything else she's worn all season!

The polka dots are so charming!

Could've fit better, but I still liked it!

Did you guys find both the show and the fashion to be sort of middle of the road?

All images via the cut

spring fever redux


I just realized for some reason my pictures were posting weird on my last post..so here is a little better view.

1. UO

spring fever

Happy Friday!
It is the holy grail of awards season hoopla; the Superbowl of the fashion world..the academy awards on sun!  Will you watch?

In other news, it has been such a warm winter here in Charleston (I don't even want to say the words, I am afraid I will jinx it) that I already have bathing suits on the brain!  This is odd since I shudder to think about putting a bathing suit on after having a baby!  While my bathing suit requirements might have changed since having a baby, not wanting to give up on style for a mom suit has not.
I guarantee you, throughout the summer I will want a few more suits!  When we lived here during college and right after, I would acquire a few suits each season.  Partly because we live in a climate where the "season" lasts a long time, and partly because I like to have one just to hang out in, and one to be active and surf in.
Now I am looking for something really secure, more close to the style I would be surfing in.  Not sure if all of these fit the bill on the fit side of things, but they sure are cute.  Until I see some others in the near future, here is what I am liking right now...

row 1
row 2
row 3
row 4
row 5
row 6

Happy Mardi Gras!


It's Fat Tuesday and it would be fun to be in New Orleans today!  I hope everyone down there has a safe and happy day as it will be soon be quiet when the Lenten Season starts Wednesday. 

We even had a little king cake this weekend ;)

Will Ferrell as King of Bacchus; image via eonline

oh, wow.


I know I say this a lot; and I do think it's a pretty common feeling, but if I were to get married today, this is what I would want it to look like!  This May will be our 10 year anniversary (wow!) and let me tell you, things in the wedding industry have changed.  There is so, so much beautiful inspiration out there, including  this wedding which would be at the top of my list!  I am a such a fan of the bleubird vintage blog anyway, and Miss James' wedding left no detail forgotten.  Simply beautiful!

All images, of course are from Bleubird Vintage, there were so many to choose from, so hop over to see all of them!  The photographer was Brooke Schwab

Baby vs Bebe


I saw the most interesting news story this morning on the Today show about how French mothers raise their children differently.  An ex-pat named Pamela Druckerman wrote a book on this called Bringing up Bebe and I am so interested in reading it!!
According to Druckerman's observations, French mothers have a different parenting technique that successfully works to make their children more polite as well as (gasp) eat their vegetables, and even go to bed nicely.  These seem like truly small moments in a day; but as any mother knows, those can be the biggest challenge.  They can also help promote the rudimentary foundation we all want to provide: manners, well roundedness, open minds, etc.
These little moments are exactly what French mothers work on, gently, all the time according to Druckerman. 
Don't you want to read it?  I have to admit, at first I found myself  thinking really?  Snobs!  Now they are better parents too?  But I am curious! 
What do you think?

Wyatt 2 months


So now I am all caught up.
But I have also learned that I need to be waaaay more caught up on my photoshop skills!  I have to figure out how to get the white artboard out from behind the photos.  I used to use adobe at work, but even that could stand some brushing up.  I'll put that on my "to do" list ;)
Wyatt, at 2 months:

Some things about Wyatt at 2 months:
~He was definitely interacting with us 4 weeks ago (see previous post).  He is a little chatterbox so to speak ;)  Much more than Oliver was at this age (if memory serves me correctly).  He coos and squeaks and almost automatically smiles at you when you come up to him.  Every day I am amazed at the difference between the 2 of them.  There really is some truth to the notion that they come out a little bit hard-wired!
~He still laughs in his sleep and sometimes even wakes himself up!
~He is an eating machine; this kid would eat all day if I would let him (wears a mama out!)
~He just about sleeps through the night.  Believe me, I appreciate this every.single.day.  It started about 6 weeks and I never take it for granted, especially with a 2 1/2 yr old I still have to be "on" for.

Wyatt's monthly photos


So, I wanted to start doing some monthly photos of Wyatt - there are so many great ideas for this process and I have been inspired.  It is a shame I didn't think of it on my own for Ollie, but at that point I had just started this blog.
I was originally inspired by Nicole Balch's series on her blog Making It Lovely...so that is what I started with.  The first problem?  what will Wyatt wear in each picture and how will I designate the month?  Nicole used a little felt pin (kind of like a prize ribbon) but right there I had to stop.  I remembered I wanted to do this project the day he turned one month. ooppps.  There would be no time to make the ribbon and I had nothing to make it with.  ok.  My husband suggested putting Wyatt in a 12 month outfit, so we could "watch" him grow into it.  Brilliant!  Then I decided to just edit the photo with the age.  perfect, done.
Second problem - Nicole has really cool chairs and and a cool house and the background is just as eyecatching as the baby you are supposed to be looking at.  hurmph.  I rent and it isn't all that cool.  So I just hurriedly decided on daddy's chair and that was it.
Wyatt was, at best, not digging this at all.

So there you have it.  Kinda far away and eh.  It is not so much the photography I am worried about being good at, I just want to have a nice documentation!  Do you want to see the one that didn't make the cut?
wow. thanks for stepping right there ollie.

But a couple of things about Wy being one month:
~I swear he is interacting with us
~He laughs in his sleep which is the most adorable thing you have ever seen
~Though you wouldn't know it by the attention hogging action in the photo, Oliver is a genuinely good big brother.  All that worry for nothing.

Tomorrow - Wyatt's 2 month!



..yes they are definitely having their moment - to the point that I think they are just about done.  However, I am still really into them and a fresh perspecitve for me is in makeup; especially Bobbi Browns new line called neons & nudes.  The perfect thing for the winter.  Although I have to say, we have been enjoying some incredible weather here, so these colors don't feel entirely out of place.  I am especially enjoying these colors knowing the summer is not too far off and I was so excited and inspired by eating a grapefruit yesterday:

last 3 images via bobbi brown
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