Things have been weird and almost distorted around here.  I am near whisper as I am very horse from this sickness that is still hanging around.  It rained several days in a row, which is not good for an almost 3 yeard old little boy named Ollie.  He was climbing the walls!  Also, I thought that since we can now see Wyatt's two bottom teeth, he would have a break from teething, but it doesn't appear that way.  There is another tooth, somewhere in there, trying to get out!  I even had a lady at the store look at him and tell me to tie a shark steak around his neck and let it hang down his back; or to bury black eyed peas under the steps (file under ewww, or Reasons I Love Living Back in the South)
This mama is worn out!
Here are some iphone photos from the past few weeks.


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