the evolution of cool: preppy?


It can be argued that men's fashion isn't as interesting or cool as women's. 
Fit and cuts don't change as often and really you have a basic set of pieces that just change every few years.  Within that you have different types of styles that people categorize - hipster, hippie, nerdy, you get the idea.  One that I have never really thought much of is preppy.  As a matter of fact, when people say the word preppy, it's something I would pretty much shy away from.  Having grown up the in the south, guys dressing in khaki's, croakies, collared golf shirts in the color pink, boat shoes and ties would not illicit a double take from me.  They were a dime a dozen. 
So you can imagine my surprise that I am actually appreciating the history of preppy-ness by way of the original cool guy himself, Miles Davis (and by my dad who sent me the article). 
Miles stocked up on tweed and madras jackets with a natural shoulder and narrow lapel; chino and flannel trousers; button-down shirts; knit and regimental striped ties; and Bass Weejun penny loafers. "It was a look that redefined cool," writes Miles biographer John Szwed, "and shook those who thought they were in the know."
miles in a button down, trousers and leather slip ons via

via fratatat

Interesting how many in the music industry, specifically hip hop and rap have followed Miles' steps in recent years.
Read the article here!


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