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Our little family spends a lot of time at the beach.  And in our daily life, we recycle and re-use what we can.  But one thing I have to admit is that we still do not go without plastic bags.  If we forget our re-usable shopping bags, we take plastic and use them to pick up after our dogs.
One thing we have definitely noticed is that it seems people are much more aware of trash, beach clean-ups, and just the environment in general out west.  Here, I have to carve out a little space on the sand, often times raking away cigarette butts and other trash.  Gag.
But it still didn't seem as bad as this.  Two artists, successful in their own right, have gone to picking up the beach and creating installations and wearable art out of all the trash they found.  Richard and Judith Lang collect obscene amounts of plastic and create.  Like Richard says in te video, people are oftern like "cool!" and then "ooooohhh" when they realize what it is and where it came from.It is disgusting and thought provoking.  Watch the clip about them below, and here are just a few examples of their work.

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