When you were younger, did you ever look at someone older (like in their 30's ha!) and think - they are still wearing what was cool during their high school/college years?  Like after that point in time they stopped paying attention, or just forgot to update their look?  I remember in the later 80's I babysat for this good looking young couple and I remember thinking wow they were wearing bell bottoms!  yikes!  (note: You have to know that some awful tapered acid washed jean was probably what most people were wearing!)  And I remember thinking that must have been the last time they were hip - pre kids.
So you see where my dilemma is coming in.  Do you ever realize this is happening to you?  Do you know and just not care?  Is it after kids?  What if it is this.very.moment???  ;)
I started thinking about this after looking at some tutorials on how to apply a cat eye with your liquid eyeliner.  Now, I remember starting to wear winged eyeliner back at my reef days.  That was a few years ago people, and definitely pre-babies.  Is it still cool?  I can't be out on the street rocking winged liner when all the kids are doing the opposite!!  Check out the tutorial below featured on hello giggles and let me know your thoughts...

images via hello giggles


  1. Ha, this is funny. I do remember thinking that some people just looked "stuck" in their high school look. Now that I'm post two kids I've never thought about what my "look" is. Might need to ponder this ...

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