We have gone with and without cable now over the past few years.  With an apple TV, netflix and hulu, there is very little to go without and you save big time $$$.  Right now we have it and I have to say, I am excited about the new show Fashion Star.  It is either going to be good or...not ;)  Do you plan on watching? I have to admit, I like Nicole Ritchie.
via NBC

On another note, we have been away to FL visiting family and our friends.
I must say the boys were both good in the (longer than normal) car trip.  I guess I didn't realize the full extent of tacking on an extra couple of hours when you have wee ones.  Upon our arrival home, Charleston was in full bloom.  It is gorgeous here this time of year, I must admit.  The house is opened up to 70 degree plus weather and azaleas abound.

light pink and dark pink azaleas in our front yard

a woodpecker made short work of a tree in the foreground with other blooms beyond


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