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There was a pretty post on Cup of Jo the other day showing the hot nail colors for spring.

The colors that caught my attention were the pastel shades on the left.:

image via Cup Of Jo

These colors caught my attention because I feel old.  Dated.
When I was in high school, I bought a nail polish from a delias catalog (see I am dating myself tenfold here - there were no delias stores back then, and that catalog was the only one of it's kind - for "alternative" clothes) by a company called hard candy.  Mine was a mint green, not unlike the one pictured above, and it came with a ring around the top in the same color.

image via cpc packaging
image via beauty geek

You must understand that I was living in a teeny, tiny little town and went to private school.  Everyone was preppy and rode around in boats.  This tiny little bottle of nail polish was my way of identifying with something that seemed to exist so far away.  Grunge music and x girlMusic festivals and baggy pants.
So to see these pastel shades come back around again does bring a sense of nostalgia, of course.  But does that mean I won't buy the mint green and re-live my youth?  Nope.  I will be on the look out for it as of now.
Would you wear these again?


  1. Girl.... You can't be much older than me if at all if you remember Delia's catalogs and Hard Candy nail polish.
    I'm right there with ya!
    I'm 34 and grew up in Seattle, so I was definitely a teen in the grunge-era. Oh, what a hideous time for fashion. Not really stoked that all these young hipsters are bringing so much of that tacky 90's fashion back. Haha...
    But that's prob how my Mom feels when she sees me wearing 70's-inspired prints and flared, almost bell-bottomed jeans. ;)
    Anyway.... I had the powder blue Hard Candy polish. And whenever I see powder blue pastel polish, it totally makes me think of those little bottles with the ring on top!

  2. Jensen~Indeed we are the same age! Crazy how cyclical fashion is, and that we are now seeing stuff we once wore! We just moved from San Diego!!

  3. Oh, you did? How long ago? I moved here from Seattle in Jan 2009. It's been 3 years, but I still feel like a newbie at times!
    I also have a blog of my own that I write, too:


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