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Though it is not anything major, I have quite enjoyed a few small projects I worked on before we moved from San Diego that I mentioned here.  If you don't mind I wanted to share them with you!

First up was pulling together a theme for a baby shower.  This was fun, as I was an acquaintance of the mama to be so I really wanted her to like it.  She has a classic personal style and I think it was pulled together by making it a not so trendy baby shower, but funked it up a bit by adding little touches of something different.  The host of the shower wanted a modern color scheme -we achieved this with grey and yellow.  She also wanted some traditional elements as a contrast  - hence the floral holders.  And lastly she wanted a few funky things thrown in  - centerpieces throughout were simple yellow roses with different types of lettuce -yes, lettuce!  An inexpensive and beautiful way to add more depth and texture to floral arrangements! In addition we added the hanging pom poms to keep with the color scheme but add a little something fun and unexpected.   Some of the food we came up with were "fruit kabob's" and cupcakes for light and fun food at an afternoon baby shower; as well as alcoholic and non alcoholic (always remember the mama and other non drinking guests) spritzers.

Pictures below are courtesy of a shower guest, Melissa Low.


  1. so pretty hb....wish you were in sd to help emilia's shower. xoxo

  2. me too aimee :(

    Thanks who.what.where!


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