Wyatt's monthly photos


So, I wanted to start doing some monthly photos of Wyatt - there are so many great ideas for this process and I have been inspired.  It is a shame I didn't think of it on my own for Ollie, but at that point I had just started this blog.
I was originally inspired by Nicole Balch's series on her blog Making It Lovely...so that is what I started with.  The first problem?  what will Wyatt wear in each picture and how will I designate the month?  Nicole used a little felt pin (kind of like a prize ribbon) but right there I had to stop.  I remembered I wanted to do this project the day he turned one month. ooppps.  There would be no time to make the ribbon and I had nothing to make it with.  ok.  My husband suggested putting Wyatt in a 12 month outfit, so we could "watch" him grow into it.  Brilliant!  Then I decided to just edit the photo with the age.  perfect, done.
Second problem - Nicole has really cool chairs and and a cool house and the background is just as eyecatching as the baby you are supposed to be looking at.  hurmph.  I rent and it isn't all that cool.  So I just hurriedly decided on daddy's chair and that was it.
Wyatt was, at best, not digging this at all.

So there you have it.  Kinda far away and eh.  It is not so much the photography I am worried about being good at, I just want to have a nice documentation!  Do you want to see the one that didn't make the cut?
wow. thanks for stepping right there ollie.

But a couple of things about Wy being one month:
~I swear he is interacting with us
~He laughs in his sleep which is the most adorable thing you have ever seen
~Though you wouldn't know it by the attention hogging action in the photo, Oliver is a genuinely good big brother.  All that worry for nothing.

Tomorrow - Wyatt's 2 month!


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