Wyatt 2 months


So now I am all caught up.
But I have also learned that I need to be waaaay more caught up on my photoshop skills!  I have to figure out how to get the white artboard out from behind the photos.  I used to use adobe at work, but even that could stand some brushing up.  I'll put that on my "to do" list ;)
Wyatt, at 2 months:

Some things about Wyatt at 2 months:
~He was definitely interacting with us 4 weeks ago (see previous post).  He is a little chatterbox so to speak ;)  Much more than Oliver was at this age (if memory serves me correctly).  He coos and squeaks and almost automatically smiles at you when you come up to him.  Every day I am amazed at the difference between the 2 of them.  There really is some truth to the notion that they come out a little bit hard-wired!
~He still laughs in his sleep and sometimes even wakes himself up!
~He is an eating machine; this kid would eat all day if I would let him (wears a mama out!)
~He just about sleeps through the night.  Believe me, I appreciate this every.single.day.  It started about 6 weeks and I never take it for granted, especially with a 2 1/2 yr old I still have to be "on" for.


  1. Oh oh oh! He is beautiful! Kind of delicate and lovely, whereas mine were like big-headed giants. Adorable ones, but still...
    I love the fist and leg pumping that's clearly going on in the first photo ;)

  2. Oh he is sooo fantastic - what a great looking baby and I love the name! My next project is to master photoshop, even if its to get rid of some of my wrinkles. My fourth had major pimples as a baby and I could have used it for that too...

  3. what a cutie pie... congrats! to get rid of the white background, make sure you start with a transparent background and when you save the image, save as a .png!


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