spring fever


Happy Friday!
It is the holy grail of awards season hoopla; the Superbowl of the fashion world..the academy awards on sun!  Will you watch?

In other news, it has been such a warm winter here in Charleston (I don't even want to say the words, I am afraid I will jinx it) that I already have bathing suits on the brain!  This is odd since I shudder to think about putting a bathing suit on after having a baby!  While my bathing suit requirements might have changed since having a baby, not wanting to give up on style for a mom suit has not.
I guarantee you, throughout the summer I will want a few more suits!  When we lived here during college and right after, I would acquire a few suits each season.  Partly because we live in a climate where the "season" lasts a long time, and partly because I like to have one just to hang out in, and one to be active and surf in.
Now I am looking for something really secure, more close to the style I would be surfing in.  Not sure if all of these fit the bill on the fit side of things, but they sure are cute.  Until I see some others in the near future, here is what I am liking right now...

row 1
row 2
row 3
row 4
row 5
row 6


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