Do you ever have that one website or blog that you can't get enough of?  I typically become a little stalker-ish when I find a new blog or site I love and then it slowly fades away.  Not so with Sunrise Hossegor.  It's like your best childhood friend that you haven't talked to in a long time, but when you do you feel immediately at ease, and like no time has passed.  You feel satiated and completely understood at the same time.  Sound weird to describe a blog that way?  If you take a look you will see what I mean.  I have been coming back to this blog for years, with sometimes weeks or even months in between, and I never feel let down for lack of inspiration!  If you follow me on pinterest, then you will see I went a little crazy this afternoon :)
ps - on the right side of the page is translation button!
and I've mentioned this blog before..

all images via sunrise hossegor

On another note, Ollie is obsessed with this trailer.  Wyatt needs nursing and the dogs need to go out?  No problem, just pop this trailer on and I have bought myself a few!  Perhaps your little's will enjoy it too...


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