Have you guys seen these adorable nightlights at Land Of Nod?
Pricey, but very cute.  I would love to have one in Oliver (or Wyatt's) room, but i just can't bring myself to spend $48.00 on a nightlight, even if they are by Jonathan Adler.  Yes, you don't have to re-read that last sentence, I said $48.00. for a nightlight.

images via Land Of Nod



  1. DIY that sh***!
    FIrst you take a class in plastic mold making. Then you go to an art supply store and buy $400 worth of equipment. Then you watch ten You Tube tutorials on wiring night lights.
    After only four days of work, you will have a nightlight that looks like Jonathan Adler and a giraffe fell into a vat of acid together.
    Anyways, that's what modern women do.
    But you could also just buy it.

  2. OM Gawsh! Of course! I have all these spare hours when I am up nursing I will just do it with my other hand!!! Oh man, that made me laugh so hard-especially the you tube part!


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