So what did you guys think of the Golden Globes the other night?  Did you laugh with Ricky Gervais?  Did you like the fashion?

I feel like there were more dresses I didn't like than I did.
The few that caught my attention:
image via

image via Teen Vogue

Image via Fab Sugar

image via Just Jared
 I loved Emma Stones makeup and although it received mixed reviews, I liked that she added the eagle belt!

image via what the frock
image via Bella Sugar
Now, I know a lot of people didn't like this, and my sister even compared it to something really 70's and bad...maybe like Stevie Nicks?  I think that's why I like it, hahah!
image via r in burbs
And lastly, I didn't love this.
image via Just Jared

What was your favorite?


  1. So true! Boo to the Gellar tie dye and boooya to the lovely Miss Stone....while the gg may have lacked a little something on delivery it wasn't the remiss for emerald green!!


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