I am sure you guys have seen all of the painted rugs out there - there are tutorials everywhere.  What do you think?  Would you do it?  It seems like such a cheap and easy fix (yay!), but I do wonder about the comfort factor.  I have seen where people mix their paint with something called a fabric medium to make it feel a tad softer.  Obviously if money wasn't a factor I wouldn't even think twice about doing it; I would just spend any amount of money to have the rug I want :)

image via Cape 27

image via Charm Home

 What about a wooden rug?  I pinned this one the other day, and not only is it completely impractical for me, but again - the comfort factor! I especially can't see it happening since I don't want precious little baby legs on it. But I do love it - for many reasons.

image pinterest via  Elisa Strozyk


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