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How is everyone?

I have been busy around these parts.  My husband went out of town for work.  It was daunting at first; being 7 months pregnant and having to keep up the energy with a 2 yr old!  It gave me a whole new respect for military wives and those whose partners travel all the time!  I definitely appreciate how much he helps out now even more! 
And then since he has been back I have been working on a few little side projects that can't wait to share :)

While I have been busy working, this is what happens when you leave a dad and his 2 yr old to their own devices.  Do you think Oliver will kill me one day knowing I showed the world this picture?

yes, those are what you think they are!



double oblong ring

hexagon bracelet

black diamond stack rings

Love these pieces by Mociun, so beautiful!  My favorite piece(s) are the stacking rings.

highschool all over again

while we all know "grunge" has been making a come back, I had to chuckle when I opened my inbox this morning. 

via UO
Anyone else feel old? :)

Are you ready?


Missoni for Target will be here any day now {well,  September 13th if you want to get technical.}!
First thing on my list would be the blanket, followed by all of the other goodies below.  I am still kicking myself over not getting the Orla Kiely cannisters when they were at target, so I don't want to miss out on any of theses great prints!

all images via all the way up here    

How about that bike?!

clearing off my desktop


and found these images.  They have made their way around the web - especially the birth announcement, but they still make me smile!  Have a great weekend!

mom's truly can do it all!  
sweet design AND a quote from one my favorite movies!  From Dandee Designs 
the sweetest folk art and colors for a birth announcement, designed by Sycamore Street Press

sale at zara


Don't miss!  Everything for the family on sale now! I just hate that you can't order online, you have to go to the store :(  I would look for:

For the kiddos:
 For you:

For him:

Ok, ok so that last one is just a joke.  I can't see Chris pulling off such a deep scoop neck tee.  It just reminds me of the beginning of Superman when the bad guys get trapped in that weird pyramid thing and spiral away.  All Chris is missing is black chest hair and a closely manicured beard.

All images Zara

me? Nesting?


sheesh I look back at my last few posts and all I post about is homes and decor and cooking.  I guess maybe I am nesting? ha. 
So of course today is also about that :)
I can't help it, I am obsessed with ohdeedoh like it is nobody's business these days.  BUT look at how cute this trough sink would be for the kiddos bathroom?  I say that picturing 2 little boys standing there making funny faces to each other in the mirror as they brush their teeth - ereeeeeek (the sound of a needle scratching off the record).  In reality it would be all elbows and pushing until one wins by pushing the other off their stool and thus toothpaste and spit would be everywhere and all over the mirror and in this extra big sink that I just cleaned and now have to do again.  Nevertheless, look how cute:



I just discovered a very inspiring site full of fabric and home goods called pikku.  I found it by way of angela liguori who provided some adorable ribbon to pikku.  Both sites are great to get those creative (I want to re-do my house) juices flowing.  For anyone who follows me on Pinterest, you have probably already seen these ;)
Daisy Quilt, pikku

Tulip Pillows, pikku

I can't tell you how much I want that daisy quilt for the bedroom.  It looks so summery and like the perfect weight!  And those pillows...I could see them in the bedroom, on the couch, pretty much anywhere!!

Still thinking about this


I am still loving/obsessing over this porch re-do that I first saw on designsponge (as I am sure many of you did too). 

To My New Backyard (A Love Letter) from Jaime Morrison Curtis on Vimeo.

And of course, the bonus was finding the cute blog Prudent Baby.  Over at Prudent Baby, Jamie (who the porch belongs to) has slowly been adding all the tutorials of how she pulled it together, from the canvas awning, to the decorations; even how to make a pallet daybed.  I especially love the headress cushions and little woven settee!

all three images via babble
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