doing this in my free time


I originally saw it here at aesthetic outburst, but when I saw it again and that these girls were doing it, I just knew I had to ;)
I collect sticks during every park visit now, even Oliver has joined in the search. Speaking of that little guy: his new trick is to take my face in both his hands and kiss me. heart.melting.

image via aesthetic outburst

can't stop laughing


I don't know if it is the perfectly executed humor (but it's not, because it is actually REAL life) or the funny "crappy" illustrations, but I cannot get enough of Amber Dusick's
new blog Parenting illustrated with crappy pictures. She has just moved all of her illustrations to a new blog, now separate from her original blog, Amber Dusick.
When I read the little comic strip type posts, I tell you, I laugh so hard. I laugh to the point of worrying I am going to wake up Oliver! No kidding. This may not be your type of humor, but I encourage you to check it out, especially if you are a parent!

read the full expereience of eating out at a nice restaurant with kids here.

could you live in this?

I saw this story for a "house" for sale at 75 1/2 Bedford St in New York City's West Village. We all know the West Village is home to many interesting people, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick - it has always been home to artistic, creative types - which in no small part plays into it's allure. Indeed, it has been home to Edna St Vincent Millay, John Barrymore, and Carey Grant. But this house is 9'6" wide. That's right, just a little bigger than some cars!
The asking price is 4.3 million. And I thought Southern California was expensive!
I have been reading blogs long enough now to see some really incredible things people have done to incredibly small spaces. I have seen the ability to really get creative and make good use of a space. It does include a spacious (I believe shared) backyard, as well as a Murphy bed! I know that teeny tiny apartments are nothing new in a city where space is a luxury, but I think the price tag that goes with this one is where the "yikes" factor comes from. Do you have the imagination for a space like this? Could you do it?

all pictures via

simple idea


I came across this post (see below) as I have been reflecting on the past 2 years of Oliver's life and also anticipating the next baby's arrival. Of course there are things that, as a mother I would have done differently, I think most of us would (?). You know, not to sweat that little cough he had or not let my sub-conscious wake me up every few hours, because honestly, he was alive and sleeping peacefully. ;) But Overall I have enjoyed the past 2 years with Oliver tremendously; and I have loved watching him grow.
I know I have taken a zillion photos of Oliver, far more than say one a month or even one a week. But this idea from the blog Making it Lovely sticks out because the setting was the same so you could really see the baby grow. I have seen this idea allover on other blogs, of course. A very simple, yet effective idea that I am thinking about trying with the new bebe. Too ambitious? Only time will tell. But much like Nicole, the writer of Making It Lovely, there are many things you can do with the pictures. Make a card or poster, send to grandparents, make a book, etc. What ways do you document you child's growth? Do you have a sweet tradition?

month-by-month photo by Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely

a birthday weekend

I can't believe Oliver is 2. I started writing this blog shortly after he was born, to expend some of that creative energy I had built up from no longer working at a paid job (because we all know that mothers have one of the toughest jobs out there - just one they don't receive benefits for, get paid for, get time off for, etc.). And here we are 2 years later, with a certified toddler and another on the way. wow.
On Friday Oliver turned 2 and my husband took the day off and we went to the zoo. The San Diego zoo is world class; it's large, has many, many animals to see and has a hilly terrain. Oliver walked almost the entire time, and for some reason I was the tired one!
I had all these cute ideas, inspired by people like Melanie and various other blogs showing their kids birthday's. But then I stopped. We were not having anyone over. All of these decorations would truly be for me, and to have the luxury of sharing on here. Right now he is obsessed with Cars (the movie and otherwise). I felt selfish trying to turn his day into some magazine layout of "cute, crafty ideas for your child's next birthday". So you know what I did? I went to target and party city and bought him the plates and a balloon and you would think his world coulda ended he was so happy. All he wanted to do was play with his toys, and marvel at his balloon. It was some cute stuff.

We rounded out the weekend by going to the beach and I got to try out some popsicles! I used this recipe with the mold I ordered from Amazon. Well worth the $10 I would say. The only thing I would do differently is add a little more sugar next time ;)

Hello there


Sorry for my absenteeism last week, my brother and his gf were in town for the week. It was great having family in town, and they had never been to San Diego so there was so much to show them! The seals at the children's pool in La Jolla, the beaches, eating fish taco's and California burrito's, etc., etc.! Through my brother's gf, a hair stylist, I found a new blog that I currently check every 2.5 seconds, waiting for an update. I guess it's my new blog crush. Does anyone else have that, where you constantly want to read this one blog after discovering it?
There are 2 - hairdresser on fire, and her personal blog, Reagan's Blob (hilarious title). Her personal one will wrench your heart out while you admire both her strength of marriage and strength of character - and it's still funny. The hair blog has GREAT tutorials and anecdotes about her career. These pictures are why I am currently obsessed (her hair):

The ombre, the blonde, the red; longer bangs and shorter bangs. I love it all.

How was everyone's Father's Day weekend? I hope good. Oliver's birthday is in Friday. He'll be 2. Did you read that correctly? I said 2. unbelievable! :)

just keep swimming


Aww the freckled skin and salty hair. Summer! There are many, many great looking suits out there this year. I have always looked forward to getting my suit, I always used to get 2: one for surfing (secure, wouldn't fall off) and another for less activity. Like I said, there are soo many to choose from, I could hardly put up pictures of them all, but here are a few that caught my eye.

Maldives top, Lanai bottom, Mikoh swimwear

Santorini one piece, Mikoh Swimwear

Coxos Bikini, Billabong

bikini, anthropologie

see? There are soo many! you know what my suit will look like this year?

tankini, a pea in the pod

yup. 16 weeks! But the maternity suits are disgusting. I doubt I will even put one on. I am pretty sure me, pregnant, in a swimsuit is not something the world needs to see, myself included. The good thing about living in San Diego is it never gets so humid and scorching hot that all you can do is lay by the water, like it does back home. You can pretty much get away with wearing shorts to the beach.
All joking aside, we are so happy and wish for a healthy baby. We did not find out what we were having with Oliver, so this time I think I might?? We'll see. :)

Little tidbit of info: one of the girls that designs Miknoh swimwear is world champion Kelly Slater's gf (and I think former roxy girl?). Tough life for that one ;)

small but mighty


Whenever I look at home inspiration on sites like apartment therapy, I am often times most impressed by teeny tiny rooms that people have made feel open & airy or are so perfectly organized you would never notice how small they actually are. I think it is because it takes so much more creativity to work in a small space, and in turn make the small space work. I saw the perfect example of this last week on ohdeedoh. I love, love, love this room for so many reasons. For the color, the fact that 3 siblings share, the fact that those siblings are a girl and 2 boys and the room feels neither boyish or girlish, the fact that it has vintage elements, the birth posters, the, well, just see for yourself - a perfect example of making a small space work!

All images above, as well the rest of the tour on ohdeedoh here.

red nails eh?


This is killing me, because I just read it about and now for the life of me cannot remember where I did. man. Anyway, I read that shorter, red nails make your hands appear younger, while nude colors make your hands appear older. I found this interesting since I would rarely, if ever, paint my fingernails red, but have often times painted them a pinky/beige. Do you know how long it took me to find the right natural/nude nail color? One that wasn't too pink, or too beige, or too white?? Plus, I am afraid I will have old hand syndrome soon anyway, since I am so fair. Some reds below, that I guess I will need to get used to!



1. Essie 5th Ave
2. Essie Jelly Apple
3. Essie Really Red
4. OPI Big Apple Red
5. OPI Cajun Shrimp (I really like that name)

no no (unless you like your hands looking old):

1. Essie Madamoiselle
2. Essie Adora-A-Ball
3. Essie Prima Ballerina
4. Essie Fiji

all images and products can be found on

PS - if anyone read that same article, please let me know so I can credit it!

Marilyn M.


New pictures of Marilyn Monroe were just released - although at this point she may have still been Norma Jean. It's interesting that one woman continues to fascinate so many. I saw this on Yahoo this morning, about a photographer by the name of J. R. Eyerman, who saw something in the then unknown Monroe and photographed her "training" to be a star - even when he coulda been taking pictures of so many others. My favorite from those Pictures released for Life magazine is below.

photo yahoo via
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