pretty utensils


Loving this easy way to kick up your old silverware set, if you are sick of it, or maybe if you found some good thrifted ones.

ladies & gentlemen via roxy marj

Burt's Bees bummer


Sorry, couldn't resist the hilarious title.

I have a bone to pick with Burt's Bee's. What has consistently been my go to for almost 2 years with Oliver (and actually prior to that, as I would use it myself sometimes!) for his shampoo/soap is now the last thing I look for when I go to pick out his bath time goodies.
I have been meaning to post about this for awhile now, but it came to a head tonight when I realized I had accidentally purchased the new formula and fear washed over me that I might not be able to find the old formula. I might have just used the very last old formula bottle!! The new formula, for lack of a better word, sucks. The scent just about makes me want to throw up, it is so fake (in a chemical kind of way) and sticky sweet smelling. The problem is that they changed the formula from 96.08% natural to 98.9% natural. That is great, and I am all for helping the planet and putting more natural things onto the largest organ we have (your skin), but whatever scent was in that percentage discrepancy is gone. Just gone. What was the perfect baby smell, loved by babes and adults alike, now smells like a fake "this is natural" smell. It is awful.
Sadly, I will definitely discontinue using it. I did a little research, and, as expected, people are up in arms over there beloved product. Like I said, I am all for the better, natural ingredients, but not at the expense of a headache. I don't understand why they just don't get rid of the smell all together!

What is your take on it? If you used it before, are you glad they bettered the product for the sake of the environment? Or is the smell too much for you and your little ones?

the old formula, in the frosted bottle (via amazon)

The horrible smelling new formula, in the clear bottle (via burtsbees)

*the sad thing is, my mom and I have been hoarding the old formula for about a year now, from Atlanta to San Diego and any state in between! Don't judge us! I think most stores have been shipped the new formula exclusively now and who knows if the old formula will ever be found again? Boo.



How was everyone's weekend?

Ours was pretty eventful, compared to most. We attempted to go to not 1, but 2 farmer's markets and didn't make it! Weird, I know.
On Sat mornings, there is a market literally one street over from our house, I was so happy to see the sign the other day when we were walking! We got all packed up, Oliver in stroller, bags, etc only to walk over there in the slight rain and see
I could feel Chris looking at me as if to say, are you sure you didn't get the day or street wrong?! But lo and behold there was the sign, and for once I was right. Then a man walked up and exclaimed, more than questioned, where was the farmers market?! Double proof of what should of been.
That evening we walked over to a seasonal little thing they have in once neighborhood of San Diego called South Park walkabout. All of the shops and restaurants stay open late with goodies to eat and drink as you browse. There are also bands at various blocks. On our walk over we also saw some dogs on a roof! We ate at the Miho Gastrotruck, saw some crazy ass people, had a red velvet cupcake, browsed some junk (no literally it said junk sale, I am not being mean) and walked home. We all had fun.
This morning we attempted to go to another, different market and circled the surrounding area no less then 32 times when we finally gave up. There was no parking (and we don't mind walking, but there was nothing!). The farmer's markets gods were not with us and we stopped by my friend meme's house to check out her chicken coop.
I hadn't been over to her place in soo long, and I forgot how cool her place is, not scattered with little boys cars. We left with some key limes, oranges from her back yard, and fresh eggs! We felt giddy. I have talked about meme before here and here, but she is such an awesome person and just nice to be around.

look closely, do you see them?

Miho's Gastrotruck

Meme's chicken coop

fresh eggs; handpicked key limes and oranges

I think I went to school with her?


This is very random, as I never watch the nate berkus show (not because I don't want to, but because that is usually when Oliver is napping and I am trying to accomplish many things then!) but yesterday I literally turned it on for one second and stood there, trying to remember how I knew the face looking back at me.
Yesterday, nate did a piece on 3 etsy artists he had found and then talked about how they could improve themselves from the business aspect. I do appreciate this, since I feel as though many creative types find it hard to have time management skills, or the sort of "cut throat" mentality that many feel are required to really get your business to a place where you are making money. Look for the second person showcased, Heather:

Anyway, We both majored in art together and I remember little snippets of conversation with her while we were in class or outside on a break (I am sure she doesn't remember me!). She was adorable and had this bleach blond pixie. Well now look at her, on the Nate Berkus show! Her sculptures are amazing, and I found her personal blog as well her etsy site.

How beautiful are these sculptures?

little man


Can't wait to get these for Oliver, I am going to order them today, I think. Weird, it is almost a milestone for me, and it's something he will never even think about. Much like How I turned him to face forward in his car seat at 1, and it was allover the news yesterday that the new guidelines are 2 if not longer, depending on height and weight (I am sure you have already heard, but in case you haven't: As of now, I am still breaking the law since he is 21 months and know he would be less than thrilled to be turned back around at this point!

Speaking of men, I love this shop called STAG austin. Of course it's in Austin, right?

Looks like a fun place to spend some time.

Close to my heart


I recently came across a non profit organization on the Urban Grace Interiors blog that struck me right away, and I immediately felt a connection with what they were trying to do. I know I usually talk about such serious topics as fashion, vintage, celebrity going on's, etc. (sarcasm), but I wanted to just take a second to talk about this company.

Not only are they producing really lovely little items, with the DIY feel we all love so much, but all of the people creating them are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. This hits close to home for me as I have personally been affected by, and witnessed first hand what destruction alcoholism has on a family. It is one of the hardest things I have been through in my relatively short lifetime.

So you can understand why when I saw this company, I knew I had to help spread the word!
The organization For the People Project is a non profit that works with recovering addicts; the women participating in the program all hand paint journals, note cards, etc. I love that through Art, these people are working on themselves to get better!!!

Look at some of the beautiful little things they have worked on:


and notecards:

How adorable is the color of first set of notecards? And the name for the color? Rosy Cheeks! I love that. J.Crew has nothing on them! ;)

I really, really encourage you to check out the site to read more about what these wonderful people are doing, as well as to purchase some note cards or journals. They make great gifts (think hostess or friend's birthday), or you can just get some for yourself!

Check them out:, or just follow the link on the right hand side of this blog!! --->

Kate Moss --> BB

Kate Moss channeling Brigitte Bardot.
Yes I am ready for summer.

via Sunrise Hossegor

Art for the home


I came across these works of art by Aboriginal artists after seeing a piece on ish and chi (when she does her fashionably friday posts). After alot of research and encountering various articles written about them by other bloggers, I had fallen in love. I am now obsesed and want at least 3 (as I suck air loudly in through my mouth - they are not cheap.) But I love the fact that the way in which these Indiginous artists create is a practice that has been handed down over many years. The art was often produced on rocks and leaves even!

When I tell you that it's okay that I can't afford a painting because there are too many to choose from, I am not exaggerating! On Aboriginal Art Coop there are over 8o pages of art!! This is also a good site to learn more about it. Some of my favorites are below...but that is only from the first 10 pages or so!!!

(all images from Aboriginal Art Coop)

Hello there!


I know, I know, I have been MIA. What can I say, between moving, attending various wedding showers, baby showers, and weekends away I haven't had much "me" time. Now I sound like one of those Dove commercials or something... ;)
I am just tip toeing back into writing some posts so today's won't be a major deal. However, I can't go without giving a shout out to my brother-in-law..He is the asst basketball coach at Wofford University and for the second time has led (ok, helped lead) his team to NCAA tournament!! He is so passionate about his job and good at what he does, so we are very happy for him! They will be playing Brigham Young University on March 17th in Denver if anyone is interested in watching. GO TERRIERS!
Secondly, I just want to mention Japan. It is just heartbreaking and really I have no revelations to share with anyone or even something intelligent to is just so terrible and I can't get it out of my mind. My prayers are with the people there.

Lastly, I love this song and just wanted to remind everyone about what a great band they were!!

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