I can't stop laughig at this post


and I don't know why. Maybe it's because in my head the person writing this has the most beautiful accent (she's from Australia , thank you very much) sparkling white teeth, and cute kids. And she just seems so clever and creative and bitchin'. I think someone from Australia could read the phone book, ya know? See for yourself:


On another note, is it weird that I want this for Christmas?

you know that that is me in front row with the black sparkly vest on, right? ;)
Man, RIP michael, RIP.



Awh, man. What is there to say? We had a great time, ate great food and spent it with - surprisingly all East Coasters - here in San Diego. It was nice.
Of course when 2 crazy creative minds come together, you will get a sampling of beautiful things, shown below for your pleasure. Of course the photos were taken by the uber-talented Aimee, and the thanksgiving itself (table styling, food styling, even punch styling!) was of course the uber talented Emilia. I love being surrounded by such cool, creative people. And nice to boot.
How was your Thanksgiving? Hope it was great and you went around the table and said what you were thankful for. Haha, that is what my parents used to have us do growing up. I will definitely make my kids!

Little Oliver

The hostess with the mostess, Emilia

Her table

and of course Dorian!

new days

So Hubby starts a new job next week that is not in the surf industry. This means "real clothes" for work and I wanted to get him some new things. I have been inspired by Jake in Sixteen Candles and decided that that's what his new things should look like! :) Check out the video below. At the beginning you will see Jake as he reaches for the note Sam dropped and you can get a full head to toe visual.

I swapped the sweater vest for a pullover, as my husband probably wouldn't wear one, but aren't the boots great?



This chair in bright yellow from the window of shop Black + Spiro in Australia. Check out the absolutely beautiful things blog! Inspirational pictures as we hunker down for Winter and they prepare for summer. ahhh, summer. How you eluded me this year.

This "window/door" as seen looking from the kitchen to the backyard from the home of Beth Haley. Who doesn't want that to keep an eye on the kiddos while you are in the kitchen? Plus it would be great to open up on beautiful days and looks great too! Find it in Southern Flourish magazine.

Lastly, I realized when I was searching for my BB pictures here
that they are making a new movie about her. While Laetitia Casta is impossibly beautiful, I was shocked to learn not only that they were not using Georgia Jagger for this role, but that Mick Jagger had a daughter that looked like that!

Hapy Thanksgiving everyone!

cluttered living


While some feel my home might soon be featured on an episode of hoarders, I like to think of it as layered and comfortable, with perfectly curated pieces (yah right!)!
I saw these 2 different homes recently and loved the warmth they provide. Just enough objects and art, with interesting textures and lighting, and some vintage finds. Basically what I am always aiming for.

These first pictures are actually from the little cottage that the adorable Roxy Marj is currently trying to rent! Her style is awesome, and it is so individual and so her.

Next, I saw a home that is the friend of Joslyn over at Simple Lovely. I can't get enough of it, and continue to pour over the pictures!

digging this lazy but hip outfit


this is all I want to wear lately. It is so lazy but I can get away with it because it looks grunge, right? And everyone knows my fashionable high school years are now back in style! Ha, ha, I date myself...

first image rummey bears, second and third images madewell

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you are well ready for Thanksgiving next week!!



Pure coincidence that I just talked about Jason Schwartzman and then saw this. Too good not to share!

saw it first via sunrise hossegor



I know many of you have already seen this, but I loved it so much I just had to re-post from Cup of Jo.
When you think about having children, you inevitably start to imagine all of the things you are going to expose your child to, and the type of well versed and open parent you will be.
It is all well intentioned, but I don't know too many parents who have done everything exactly as they set out to in regards to this. I think, maybe, you just do the best you can every day.
Not only did I love this post for the insight that Jason Schwartzman gave to the audience about his own mother Talia Shire and how simple it is to be a good parent just by being; but also for what was written by Joslyn. Again, no news flash here, but parenting is so complex (probably made that way by me) that to think of just influencing your child so simply was, like, a novel idea. Duh.

Check it out

image Nguyen Thanh Binh

bikini weather and a discount!


As most of the country gears up for fall by looking at new boots, jeans and capes, I feel as though summer has finally arrived here is San Diego.
Regardless of this fact, I always feel myself starting to think about new swimwear around this time of year. I don't know if it is because I have had a lifelong obsession with swimwear (I secretly want to be a swimwear designer and own a disgusting amount of suits), or if it is because of brilliant marketing and this is when many swimwear companies release their previews or resort collections and it seeps into my subconscious.
Either way, I was excited to discover a new line that captured my attention - Salt Swimwear. What caught my attention was this particular suit:

It feeds into that sultry Brigitte Bardot 60's feel that I love so much.

If that isn't your thing there are several styles of bikinis and one piece's to boot:

Still not haven't captured your attention yet? Maybe this will - Salt Swimwear was gracious enough to offer girloliver readers a 10% discount on their swimwear! Just put in the code DCbloglove10. Check out salt swimwear now!

Thanks again Layla!

pumpk-y pictures


I just realized that I never posted pics of Oliver as Yoda. It was pretty hilarious as he has just learned to walk, so each step is very deliberate and he really did resemble this old creature. The best way I can describe his walking is like he just got off of a horse, which made me think of John Wayne, which made me think of Nathan Lane trying to walk like a man in The Birdcage. :)

I hope everyone had a great night. Now, it seems it is already time to think about Thanksgiving!

I do have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes it is hard to remember this simple fact when you are down. I suppose that is the nature of human beings. I saw this pic over on Swoon and I think it is very fitting for this time of year. Like the caption in the blog reads, "sometimes, I just need to remind myself"

image ffffound via swoon

cute little things


I first saw this clock over at decor8, and went to the site and found this gem:

It is hard to compete with anything Orly Kiely, but I really like it.

It then reminded me of this little guy from LL Bean:

I need that little guy for my nightstand. First I need the nightstand.



I am not quite sure what to write, as I don't want to bum anyone out, but it comes as a shock when any healthy, young adult suddenly passes on. I was sad to learn the news about pro surfer Andy Irons untimely death, not because I was a fan of his (I wasn't) but it came as such a shock. And at this time initial reports are citing the cause of death as Dengue Fever.
In a sport that sees strength, vitality, beauty, youth and nature as it's cornerstones, it is sad to see someone go out like that, especially at the age of 32 and leaving behind a pregnant wife.

photos via ASP and ESPN
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