Have a great weekend!


Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Oliver will be Yoda, pics to come I promise!

Something else that will make your weekend happy is this, I thought it was great!

nursery time


Well that might sound misleading...It isn't nursery time again yet for me...but as my brother just welcomed his son into the world, I have babies on the brain and have been meaning to post about this nursery for a few days! I LOVE IT!

Actually, love their house in general. They seem like such a cute family!

all images from Covet Garden

Also, came across these adorable shoe accessories on DesignMom. Remember when you were a kid and got new shoes and thought you could run faster? I think these would really do the trick. I can just see Oliver running around in these.

Check them out here

Happy Friday!


I know everyone has probably already seen this, because everyone reads designsponge ~ but this was too good not to re post! Sets the weekend in the right direction. Have a good one!

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?


Or rather, Christmas ornaments?

As we now have a little one, I have the urge to make everything so homey (gag) and feel like I am creating memories and traditions for him. I want him to feel safe and warm like I always did around the holidays (I know, gag again). So I started thinking about how much I love Christmas and how special it was to me growing up. One of my biggest memories is decorating the tree. My dad would always put on Bing Crosby's White Christmas album (and by album I mean record) and we would decorate and have fun. I always got to pick the tree.

This was a big deal as one of 4 kids, let me tell you. So far, I always put on Bing Crosby - but through my IPOD - and I still pick out the tree :)
I am not in search for ornaments. I REALLY want ornaments like the ones we had growing up. I am pretty sure most were Papier-mâché, plastic, or made by us kids. I remember specifically that the angel we used on top looked just like Mrs. Brady to me. Not sure if it was the blonde shag or what. All of the ornaments had really bright colors in the Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club kinda way. To all of those crafty creative types out there - where do you get or how do you make your ornaments?

I was kinda digging these from Crate and Barrel, as one set. I would like to accumulate many over the years for that very imperfect sort look.

lampty lamp


on another version of "is it really too much to ask for?", I want this lamp.

In that color.

Jielde Lamp here


Has anyone else noticed how chic Teri Garr was when she went back to work in Mr Mom?
Probably not, because who watches that movie? Well I do.

And along with many other early 80's trends, I love these bows!

chic bows from Orchid Grey

trendy bows from the trendiest of trendy Forever 21

pregnant bows from folkbladet

and the best - handmade bows! from Emmadime

how funny/dated is that movie trailer above for MR MOM?!?!

happy weekend


Was listening to this today running errands:

and it made me think of home and fall and being cozy :)

Hope your weekend is a relaxing one at home!

blog thurs -


It's been awhile since I have talked about some the latest blogs I have been reading, so I definitely wanted to share. Before I get to that though - was anyone else glued to the rescue of the miners over the past few days?! I have been. My mom brought to my attention that they were all wearing Oakley's when they came up. She heard that this was because Oakley donated them all since their eyes would be so sensitive from having been in the dark so long. Great marketing in a corporate kinda way.

Now. I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I found this post of the following blogs for blog thursday in my drafts and it was dated May 17th! Oh well. At least I am getting to it now!

The first is Happenstance. This is a popular blog that you have more than likely seen, but I felt it still deserved the attention. great writing, descriptions of cute moments, and nice photography - what else is there? And besides, if you post a pic of VH in the 80's, you have to be awesome, right?

pics below via Happenstance

Another good one to check out is San Diego Songbird. Of course it is great to have a blog that comes from my current town! And not only that, but it is so cute. Great posts that include at times a perspective from our little neck of the woods.
pic featherlove via San Diego Song bird

this is what I have become?


Between trying to find a mouse in my home (and NOT of the Mickey variety my friends!) and chasing Oliver around, I sometimes feel like I am just a shadow, or apparition(?) of my former self. I guess that happens when you become a mom. I can't EVEN believe I used to work in the surf and fashion industries! Wha wha whaaattt?
It has gotten so bad, that, when I came across this image, I aspired to this outfit. What the hell people?

and I am SO SORRY. I know I have committed the most of evil of all sins in the blog world, but I truely cannot remember where I got this pic. you are my fave? I read it every second, so that is only a guess. My apologies to that person whom the pic belongs.

Anyway. This look can easily be paired with this, this, or these. And there. I have at least 2 new looks to spice up my mom outfit. This. Is. What. I. Aspire. To.

obsessing over..


these wedding dresses!

I can't stop looking! I know most people feel at least the slightest twinge of "I would have done that differently" about their own wedding - especially if it's been a few years since the big day. Overall, there is not much I would change about mine - but I have to admit that I love these dresses! I keep going back to Mill Crest Vintage and just drooling, people! Not only would they be perfect as is, you could even change them up a bit a la Andie in Pretty in Pink! I first saw the site over on frolic and have not been able to tear myself away since. I especially love the peach one below - I want it to wear to a wedding!!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

not exactly Breaking Away..just a childs bike seat will do


A couple of years after we moved to SD (the first time!) We started noticing what we would call packs of 10-speed hipsters.

It was bound to happen, as I well know from the fashion industry - everything old is new again every 15-25 years. And on cue, those 10 speeds from the 80's were all the rage. But the hippest of hip wore the 80's clothes to go with it, cut off blue jeans and ray bans (and these were the guys).
Reminds me of the original hipster:

It has been a few years since then, and I am now on a search of my own to perfect my bike riding. What would do that, you ask? Well, the perfect bike seat for my little man. There are so many choices out there!

Do we go old school:

or new school:

People have really gotten creative!

So moms, dads out there - which kind of seat do you prefer?

And even as I was researching the seats, Melanie over at you are my fave was picking up on some really cool bikes!

I hate your face


I seriously can't look at Katherine Heigl's face anymore when I go to my blog to try and think of a new post. Alot has happened since we last spoke, so much to fill you in on. We are now West Coasters again. I am afraid the East Coast was not only brief but totally not permanent. I miss it.
Anyway..I have logged on only a few times trying to come up with a new post, but between a 15 month old and moving back across country, there seems to either be no time, or no desire to post. Anyway, I am back, and I will try to be interesting!
while I get warmed back up to writing, here are a few pics from Bates Nut Farm today and a MUCH CUTER face to look at!

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