Happy First day of SUMMER!!!


She said it best


Erin over at Elements of Style said it best when she titled her post "why Money doesn't buy taste" in reference to Celine Dions reported $20 mil "pool".
If I had 20 mil, I have to agree that I don't think this is how I would've spent it.
But then again, this is assuming that 20 mil is an amount that I could just spend on something frivolous, like it was just in my "rainy day" jar, so maybe I would've spent it like that? Follow me?
This is on Jupiter Island, FL, which is also where Tiger Woods is building some over the top, I am sure equally as ugly home.

Happy Friday peeps, and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Is it really too much to ask for?


should i just scour the ends of the earth for a knock off? How will I ever find a nice one without sitting in it? Should I just take a leap of faith and order a replica from online? Anybody know any good sites?
I just wanted to get my husband something nice for his first Fathers Day. And I just happen to like it.

Not to beat a dead horse...

but be sure to check out Inside the Loop's take on the disaster. Another Southern girl who's post provides the perspective of a shrimper prior to the disaster. Try not to fall into the rhythm and cadence of his accent and not end up hanging on every word. It's like a song! Try not to laugh when he repeatedly tells the gentleman interviewing him that eating a raw shrimp won't "kill him". To watch be sure to click on her link to Timmy Cheramie.

I promise I will post about something on a lighter note and more "blog like" (read frivolous) later this afternoon! :)
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