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but I had to post it anyway.

A friend of mine, little birdie's husband posted this on my FB page and asked if this was me and ollie (my son). Needless to say, it wasn't, but it WILL BE! I was smiling from ear to ear after seeing it, and couldn't stop all day. And many others must have felt the same way since they re-posted it on their FB I wanted to pass it on. Hopefully this will kick-start your weekend the right way!


Annoying but...


I know I am a little late on this one, but hey, I have an 8 month old to tend to. Also on that note, I have to preface all of this by saying that I have of course, not seen any of the movies up for oscars, again - 8 month old. But that really has no bearing on talking about what people wore.
Before the pics, however, can I just say, Kathy Ireland could not have been more annoying interviewing people on the red carpet. I was actually scared at how she appeared to be yelling at guests. And she was so stiff - literally, she had her arms completely straightened, it was SO uncomfortable people!
And Charlize Theron! whaaaaaaaaaaa?
One other thing, I am worried about Judd Nelson. He did not look as healthy as he has in years past during the tribute to John Hughes. Hope he is ok.

Ok, now that the negativity is out of the way - here were my faves from the night:

Helen Mirren ~ Beautiful. I hope and wish to look this good when I am her age. Acutally, regardless of age, she is beautiful and very classy.

Jane Seymour ~ again, beautiful for her age, and great dress and color. Plus I just saw Wedding Crashers on TV and couldn't stop laughing.

Meryl Streep ~
I feel like in years past she has been a little eh, frumpy. Not the past couple of years however, and last night was no exception. She looked radiant in white:

I thought Queen Latifah looked better than she ever has. I loved her dress.

I am actually not a big fan of Elizabeth Banks, but I thought she looked great last night. Loved the color and how her dress almost (almost I said) looked like it had zippers on it.

NOW, I love how BEAUTIFUL and pregnant Paula Patton looked. She is beautiful anyway, but I loved that she chose this color to really show off her pregnancy curves. I know it has been criticized but I loved it.

Miley Cyrus annoys me, and she lived up to that last night. First, I really did like her dress - but I was just screaming STAND UP STRAIGHT! I couldn't decide if she was uncomfortable or just trying to be cool. I am leaning toward the latter.

Mariska Hargitay ~
I don't think I even saw any coverage of her on the red carpet last night, which is too bad that it took me to see a pic of her today to see how great she looked. I mean with genes from Jayne Mansfield, it is hard to look bad.

I thought Rachel McAdams looked great. She is soooo beautiful and I loved that her dress was different.

On that note, I loved that Erin over at Elements of Style took the words out of my mouth with this. I don't know if I will ever want Rachel McAdams with anyone but Ryan Gossling (heart be still), but if she is, I saw this match last night - Jake Gyllenhaal (photo via Elements of Style).

I loved seeing Molly Ringwald back, since I am such a huge fan, And I think she looked great! The purple color of her dress looked beautiful up against her red hair.

Sandra Bullock. What can be said that hasn't already? She looked great and like she was there to get an oscar. I did hear that the dress has antique beading on it, which made it that much better.

Now, we are really getting to it - my top 3.

Again, I am not a big fan of this person, but loved this dress! Demi Moore looked sooo good. I usually do like the way she is dressed, and this was great. Her skin looked great up against the color of the dress. I also want to say that Anna Kendrick looked beautiful as well, in a similar look.

Demi Moore:

Anna Kendrick:

The next 2 might be a tie.
First up, Sarah Jessica Parker. I loved that this seemed to me like a nod to the past. It seemed reminiscent of Jackie O or Faye Dunaway in the Thomas Crown Affair (thx mom). She looked beautiful! Her hair was a tad much, but other than that I LOVED HER DRESS.

And last but not least, Nicole Ritchie. I loved, loved her dress. I loved that whole 70's vibe. She looked great.

So if you made it all the way through this post, congrats as it might be my longest ever. I think I am even tired of it. :)
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