I have decided that reading blogs is like this never ending series of "how did I get to this blog and which one was the one I was originally reading because there is a post I wanted to read?"
And tonight's episode comes from a wedding blog nonetheless. I have been married now for almost 8 years (!) and looking at other peoples wedding photos never gets old to me. People are so creative and weddings have come so far. I like to think that if I got married today, my wedding would be as cool and creative as some of the ones seen around the blogs.
I am not even sure how I got here, but I am glad I did. Once Wed is the cutest blog about diy, wedding vendors, and showcases real weddings...The wedding today was of course beautiful with some beautiful people, and beautiful photography (beautiful ok?). Right away I started thinking why does this guy in these photos look so familiar? And suddenly it hit me: was this a guy from Kings Of Leon? He looked way too hip not be. So after a little research, I decided it was. And, plus I realized when I looked again that in the comments underneath the post it says he is..duh..
This did not change my opinion of the wedding however, I still loved the sort of southern, rough around the edges, yet sweet and intimate feel to it.
Be sure to check out more of this wedding and all of the others at Once Wed, and check out the beautiful photography on Tec Petaja's site

At West End


Some of you are probably very familiar with a catalog by the name of At West End, but I just saw it the other day for the first time. Their schtick is home and garden items that are green, recycled, or from artisans around the world.
Some of it was kinda eh, but I saw some other cute items that were definitely worth sharing, so I hope you enjoy them! All of these items can be found at their website.
Also, Happy Friday!

Adorable birds for your windowsill:

Beautiful bud vases that would be so cute on your bedside table or guest room:

Turquoise Roosters:

And another nice item for you bedroom - a recycled glass carafe:

not much, but alot


I don't have too much new or much at all to talk about...I had one of those nights last night where I couldn't sleep and I thought up some awesome things to blog about. Of course I can't remember them this morning!
But while I don't have much to talk about, there is so much in my life to be happy for, an awesome husband, a family that supports me (especially right now!) and especially this little guy.
So I decided I would let the picture do the talking for me today, since I am so grateful for everything I have, I was feeling mostly like this:

Hope your having a great week thus far...

Drugstore Cowboy part 2


So the whole point of this post originally was to complain about the fact that a certain product I loved can no longer be found. I was secretly hoping to post about it and then have someone comment on the post that oh! they found it right here - and here would be a really common drugstore or big box store and then I could get it again and be happy.
The aforementioned product is Queen Helen scrub. There are a couple of different types - but honestly none compare to the oatmeal honey scrub.

This product is so great, and for you St. Ives lovers out there - read: THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER!

Now that I have sold you on it, let's all try to find it together! I will be so sad if it is really just gone. I will experience those emotions for the first time that I have only heard of. That sinking in the bottom of your stomach when you realize that your fave lipstick has been discontinued. I have never felt that before, and I don't want to.
They also make a great masque, I highly recommend it. It really is so minty and cool, you just know it's working. And look - even the pic says it's #1! So WHERE IS IT?

And since we are on the topic of facial items, my 2 great go to's for cleansers: Purpose and Cetaphil. Cetaphil is a little pricey (hahaha) compared to some other drugstore items, but worth it I say.

until next time.

And just because the weather is SO dreary here again, which is really no surprise, I have been dreaming of warm weather. I know that is a little girl on the board with her daddy, but I just love the thought of Oliver and Chris doing this...

love story


I know, I know this is such a cliche, but Ali MacGraw has the best style as Jenny Cavalleri in the movie Love Story. I just actually watched the whole movie for the 1st time (I had seen bits and pieces)the other night, and kept thinking about how timeless the clothes are. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she is beautiful. I feel like every so often her clothes are right back in style (obviously everything is cyclical, but you know what I mean). Plus, I never knew that her husband's real name (in the movie) was Oliver, ha! You know, cause she always calls him preppy. Add to that the fact that she was married to Steve McQueen? Eat your heart our Brad and Angelina.

HTG81 - Forever 21 for the kiddies


While I love Forever 21, I never thought in a million years they would delve into the world of Kids apparel. It is just part of their master plan to take over I think. ;) It might be old news to most of you, but I was excited to find out about it by receiving a 10% off coupon in my bag over the weekend. The one bummer is that it is strictly kids clothes - no baby items here. Guess Oliver will just have to wait a couple of more years for these cute items!

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