Just a couple of things..


First up, some house cleaning is in order. I have updated my list of blogs that i like, and I really encourage you to take a gander. I don't know about you, but I love looking at blog rolls people have posted on their sites. I feel like it is a good way to find other blogs you might identify with, as well as show a little more about the person behind the blog you are reading. Not to mention, there are so many talented people out there, I am always amazed and inspired.
Secondly..A few things I have seen over the last few days that I loved and just had to pass along:

I really truly LOVED this little saying by Marilyn Monroe as seen on Elements of Style. I still find Marilyn Monroe really interesting, and I recently read a little about some new info coming out regarding her mental stability. So sad. However, this quote is priceless and deserves to be read by EVERY girl, regardless of whether or not she is a movie star.

Another item that has been circulating the blog world (Urban Grace) is the debut of the new line "canvas" by lands End. Let me start by saying that the Lands End catalog was always one I looked at just to put it back down and wonder why I always looked at it. If you are looking for some mom jeans or khakis, then by all means this is the catalog for you. Lands End is not something I would typically refer to as fashion forward. So you can understand my surprise at their new line. It is really cute! It has that sort of well styled J Crew catalog look to it - so props to their marketing and fashion and trend teams! Not to mention that their prices have stayed true to Lands End prices which is great. They are also giving away a pretty cute bag to their fist 1900 or so shoppers that spend $100 or more. Check it out:

Blog Thursday and some flats


I have missed out on a couple of blog Thursdays, but don't fret because here are some good ones to make up for it.

First up is The Urbanist. Now, the downside to this one is that it is a "San Diego" site - giving you all the latest info on great new restaurants, cool new dive bars, and the best shopping in the area. It really aims to support up and coming people and places in the area. The upside is that it has a great fashion blog that could appeal to anyone who doesn't live in the area! Check out Style Pushers. It also happens to be written by one of the coolest girls I know, Kristi McCauley!!

Next up is Roxy Marj. What a cool, creative, undeniably pretty girl. One look at any of her blogs (because she has a few!), and you will see such a cool perspective on fashion, anything Swedish, and her awesome paintings and drawings of Sunday best outfits. Such a talent! Also a great eye for menswear. I think I am so obsessed since I too have this affection for that sort of grungy (sorry, couldn't think of a better word), Northern European, Sound of Music-y, Native, outdoor-ish, Kitschy taste. And the style of the girl from The Sounds.

You definitely understand what I am saying now, right?!?! Maybe the pics will help better explain.

Lastly, I want these flats. But $138 from anthro doesn't cut it for this stay at home mom. They are so gaudy in a classy kinda way, don't ya think?

I like big eyebrows


Hmmm? What?
Yes, you read that correctly. I really like big eyebrows. For years now, I have had only one true, consistent beauty routine: combing my eyebrows up in the morning. I know this sounds weird, but is is true. I try hard to emulate Brooke Shields' eyebrows circa 1980. So you can imagine how I felt in the early 90's when Madonna reincarnated herself with her EXTREMELY tweezed eyebrows, often times even drawn on! Here I was, still trying to figure out who I was and seeing that as an eyebrow point of reference? Ewwwww. It truly is amazing how much of a difference the shape of an eyebrow an make.

You can see how much more beautiful the shape of Jennifer Connelly and Brooke Shields eyebrows are. Fortunately for me, I never went too crazy plucking and shaping, but I still did enough that I wish for the fullness back. The funny thing is, when I was googling images to show full brows, I realized I am not alone in my fondness for them. There are several tutorial and "e-how"s on how to get fuller brows on the web! Who knew???

Designer Meme Snell


Have you ever thought to yourself, "self, I want a custom wedding gown. I would also like the person who designs it to be able to make it too. I also want this person to have a background in apparel deisgn for many large companies. Then I would like for them to make the jewelry for my big day, then design and make my bikini for my honeymoon. Then, fast forward a few years and I want to have this same creative individual make some baby clothes for my little one on the way, as well as possibly help me do a makeover of my home."?
Too good to be true you ask? It is hard to imagine an individual who's taste and ability can carry you through the years, by meeting every need you could imagine. But that is exactly what Meme Snell can do. I originally had the pleasure of getting to know her when I worked with her at a Surf Company when I first moved to Southern California. But getting to know her then was just the tip of the iceberg for an individual who's abilities I already looked up to. Meme Snell can do just about anything and is gracious in the process. Want proof? Check out her website for her line Laddie Lane here. I told her that my motivation to lose the baby weight was one of her awesome suits made from vintage fabrics!! She also has an Etsy site where you can purchase her goods. Never one to not be creating, when she isn't doing one of the million others things listed above, she will knit!! She makes me tired just thinking about it all.

And because I am a sucker for any before and after (LOVE designsponge for this), I couldn't help but show one of meme's!

Childrens Boutique Lark


Over at Decor8 today, I saw an article taking the readers on a shop tour of a store and online shop Lark. The pics are sooo adorable and serve as a great inspiration for anyone with kids, whether it be for gifts, decoration, toys, etc. Check out the interview on decor8 here. Also, Lark has an online shop here, but remember that they are in Australia, so I can only imagine the shipping rates. In the meantime, check out how great the little shop is (images from decor8):



I have to admit, I was surprised to hear that one of my favorite bands, Kings Of Leon, had announced that they are to debut a line of clothing in December. The line will be sold in Copenhagen and is said to be heavy in the way of skinny jeans, leather jackets, and flannel button downs. hmmm. In other words, it is exactly the way they dress. Which makes me wonder, if they found those clothes, couldn't the rest of us? It doesn't really seem as though they are offering something that is unobtainable for the rest of us. Why not just go up to your local thrifty? Obviously, this isn't the first time a musician has delved into the world of fashion, so who am I to judge? Many other celebrities that have "designed" lines have been quite successful in their venture.
Check it out yourself:

images from cocoperez via blackbook

Rice Cereal


ahh what a weekend. I think it became one that measured a point in my life that I am definitely a parent. Not that there was much doubt before - but it really presented itself this weekend.
Friday was a small gathering for a dear friends birthday that meant a half hour drive down with a 4 month old - anxiety sets in. The party was then spent mostly with me sweating profusely as I cleaned spit up after spit up from the hostesses floor. Thank goodness she had hardwood floors.
Last night was supposed to be followed up by another birthday get together - wine with the girls. By the time I was supposed to be getting into the shower to get ready, it became abundantly clear I was not going to be able to go. My son Ollie had been crying all day and it became worse as the evening wore on. He was sooo out of sorts and communicating that fact by SCREAMING.
For about a second, I felt annoyed when I resigned myself to not going, then I felt guilty for feeling annoyed, and finally I looked at him, and felt completely satisfied with staying home.
So while my friends were applying lipstick and walking up to the wine bar, I was feeding Ollie his newly introduced rice cereal. And instead of lipstick, I was being gently getting covered in the cereal. It was a great night.

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