Rice Cereal


ahh what a weekend. I think it became one that measured a point in my life that I am definitely a parent. Not that there was much doubt before - but it really presented itself this weekend.
Friday was a small gathering for a dear friends birthday that meant a half hour drive down with a 4 month old - anxiety sets in. The party was then spent mostly with me sweating profusely as I cleaned spit up after spit up from the hostesses floor. Thank goodness she had hardwood floors.
Last night was supposed to be followed up by another birthday get together - wine with the girls. By the time I was supposed to be getting into the shower to get ready, it became abundantly clear I was not going to be able to go. My son Ollie had been crying all day and it became worse as the evening wore on. He was sooo out of sorts and communicating that fact by SCREAMING.
For about a second, I felt annoyed when I resigned myself to not going, then I felt guilty for feeling annoyed, and finally I looked at him, and felt completely satisfied with staying home.
So while my friends were applying lipstick and walking up to the wine bar, I was feeding Ollie his newly introduced rice cereal. And instead of lipstick, I was being gently getting covered in the cereal. It was a great night.


  1. what a cute little shmeery ricey cereal face!

  2. you made the right choice i cant think of a cooler dude to spend the night with!

  3. Stop your making me......here I go again.

  4. You can always have the wine with the rice cereal or as an after dinner(rice cereal) cocktail:)


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