I like big eyebrows


Hmmm? What?
Yes, you read that correctly. I really like big eyebrows. For years now, I have had only one true, consistent beauty routine: combing my eyebrows up in the morning. I know this sounds weird, but is is true. I try hard to emulate Brooke Shields' eyebrows circa 1980. So you can imagine how I felt in the early 90's when Madonna reincarnated herself with her EXTREMELY tweezed eyebrows, often times even drawn on! Here I was, still trying to figure out who I was and seeing that as an eyebrow point of reference? Ewwwww. It truly is amazing how much of a difference the shape of an eyebrow an make.

You can see how much more beautiful the shape of Jennifer Connelly and Brooke Shields eyebrows are. Fortunately for me, I never went too crazy plucking and shaping, but I still did enough that I wish for the fullness back. The funny thing is, when I was googling images to show full brows, I realized I am not alone in my fondness for them. There are several tutorial and "e-how"s on how to get fuller brows on the web! Who knew???


  1. I like them too. Lots of time when I look at women for beauty inspiration I notice they have great defined eyebrows.

  2. Brooke Shields has my eyebrows!


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