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A new surf video released by the name of Dear & Yonder has been garnering alot of attention int he surf industry. Sadly, I wonder if it is because it is one of so few. There needs to be more girls surf videos in my opinion, although I have yet to see this one.
This movie was created by Tiffany Campbell, who happens to be married to another well noted surf film creator Thomas Campbell, who's videos include The Seedling, Sprout, and The Present.
The Seedling
was so different when it first came out, unlike any other video at that time. The surfing was different, the music was different, the feel was just different. It has since become a benchmark of sorts and has been mimicked over and over.
I haven't been in the water in a long time, since I was pregnant and then had Ollie, but I look at the images of these girls surfing and remember exactly what it feels like. It is something my husband and I hope to share with our son. Hopefully he will let us. I start to think that he will definitely not be into surfing, because that is what his parents did - and you know how you rebelled against yours!!! He will be into something indoors and non athletic! that is okay though, I will love and support him!!! :)
So Dear & Yonder came out awhile ago, but the other day I opened my inbox and my husband had sent me a photo from the movie that melted my heart. He wrote, "This reminds me of you an Ollie." I almost cried. almost. wink wink.

*photo from Dear & Yonder


  1. That picture totally looks like you and Ollie in the sweet:)


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